Digital Marketing Division


How does it work?

We connect local businesses to their customers through our Network of Indoor Digital Billboards placed in popular businesses throughout Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Marina del Rey. These screens display full-motion ads about the business hosting the screen, ads for local businesses in the area, and relevant local content. This network of screens allows you to reach your customers where they work, shop, eat, and play! We have locations all over our community. 

Why Advertise With Us?

With our network of Indoor Digital Billboard Advertising, consumers can’t flip the page, change the channel, or turn it off. Our growing Indoor Billboard network has expansive coverage in the Los Angeles Area, and across the nation, allowing you to reach consumers with disposable income, in hundreds of high-traffic locations. Reach tens of thousands of customers every month with your custom full-motion advertisement!


Captive Audience

Our Host Locations boast an average dwell time of 35 minutes which leaves customers ample opportunity to check out your ad.


Our streamlined model is all digital and allows us to alter ads remotely, saving money on printing making Digital Billboards more affordable than Newspapers or traditional billboards

Audience Based

Target by demographics, lifestyle, or shopping behaviors, interests, habits, and more!


Our Indoor Digital Billboards have the highest retention rate of any type of advertising available (84%).

Meaning your customers or potential customers remember your brand, your company, and your message.


Reaching your customers where they dine, play, work, and the shop have never been easier than with our Indoor digital billboards.

Potential customers spend 70% of their time in local businesses, which is where your ads will appear.

Unparalleled Support

For us, providing excellent customer service is of paramount importance

Whether it’s a problem with your TV or an ad you’d like to switch around, give us a call and we will be there to help you out.


Our screens can be found in many popular locations throughout the community. Reach thousands of customers every month with your custom full motion ad designed specifically for your business.



Amplify Your Brand’s Influence through Strategic Website Optimization

Our tailored design and technical build services boost your company’s online visibility and trust by enhancing site aesthetics, usability, and overall performance. We engineer custom platforms with marketing integration and conversions built-in from the start – aligning all digital initiatives seamlessly under the website as a centralized hub.

  • Responsive Architectures & Elevated CredibilityWith mobile-optimized and accessible interfaces, your brand instills confidence in providing understandable information to over 90% of initial exploring visitors, easing pathways to engagement.
  • Compelling Content & Conversions Featuring offerings clearly through engaging content converts casual visitors into loyal customers over time when paired with expanded digital marketing execution.
  • Frictionless Functionality & Heightened Conversions Intuitive calls-to-action, frictionless site flows, and multi-channel brand cohesion compel visitors to convert across devices. This lifts ROI from all marketing activities substantially.

Ongoing Website Management for Worry-Free Performance

Launching your custom-designed website is thrilling, but keeping it secure, functional, and continually improved requires proactive upkeep. Our cost-effective management service handles all of that technical headache so you can focus on business growth.

We take responsibility for monitoring and installing crucial platform updates in the background to fix bugs, close security gaps and ensure cross-browser/device compatibility as technologies change. Relying on experts to maintain integrity protects your site’s reputation and resilience over time.

Rather than scramble when issues emerge, our quarterly website check-ups audit behind-the-scenes metrics and diagnose what’s working or needing improvement. We identify update needs before they become user-facing.



Boosting Your Local Presence on Your Google Business Profile

As consumers increasingly search for area businesses on Google platforms, ensuring your company shows up prominently requires specialized profile optimization. Rather than navigating complex interfaces alone, our management service handles the intricacies expertly.

We optimize critical elements like your business description, categories, images, and posted content so engagement metrics directly improve. This elevates your search ranking and website referrals organically over time.

Our strategic optimizations directly elevate your search ranking so you gain more prominent exposure among consumers hunting for local vendors. Current clients have experienced over 5 times more profile impressions from searches after partnering with us. We respond to the latest Google Reviews, refresh photography, and post on the platform to establish increased credibility.

Ongoing optimizations mean you outperform competitors who neglect their profiles after the initial setup. With all profile enhancement intricacies and performance tracking handled by our experts, you can focus entirely on daily operations while discovering new customers through improved visibility on coveted Google real estate.

Claim your share of neighborhood attention on the platforms consumers use most in researching area options. Let us meticulously polish and manage your Google Business Profile.



Target mobile users with pinpoint accuracy. Our campaigns bring more awareness to your business.

Display and geofencing advertising targets geographic areas to reach relevant audiences with highly visible banner ads placed across websites, apps, and other internet media. Customizable targeting parameters allow us to focus messaging on defined demographic, and interest groups within each location down to a zip code. This positions your animated rich media banner creatives alongside content frequented by your best potential customers.

Reach and frequency capping provides increased exposure to receptive viewers while avoiding oversaturation. Confirmation of brand-safe placements plus transparent analytics empowers you to understand campaign impact and optimize accordingly. With 84% of marketers leveraging programmatic display ads, and even more prioritizing geotargeting, our platform makes it easy to implement an analytically-driven digital campaign amplified through location and multiple targeting layers.

Display and geofencing advertising delivers tremendous value for brands by promoting your message to targeted groups within desired geographic areas. This drives awareness across your physical locations while lower cost-per-impression pricing versus streaming video or social stretches your budget further. Our automation and analytics expertise empower success while also providing turnkey access to an impactful digital ad format that 72% of businesses now leverage, with the precision of customizable audience and location settings.

Let us simplify your next local or regional display advertising campaign, unleashing the brand-building and direct response potential of geotargeted digital media!



Strategic Social Media Management That Expands Your Reach

Our social media management team handles all of the posting, audience engagement, performance optimization, and reporting across key platforms like Facebook and Instagram so you can devote focus entirely to your business operations.

We create up to 5 optimized content posts per week designed to spark engagement with current and potential customers. Our creative team will design visual assets like feed graphics, and brand imagery that will captivate viewers based on your brand guidelines.

Understanding that social platforms and consumption habits evolve rapidly, our strategists continually track trend shifts and algorithm changes, adjusting our approaches to maintain competitiveness for your business. For alignment across efforts, we provide detailed monthly content calendars that map out topics and timing for cohesive messaging. Optional ad management with complete budgeting and performance tracking is also available to supplement organic reach.

With our comprehensive management, we make engaging an elevated local social media presence simple through strategic audience targeting and impactful content publication tailored to your goals.



Reach consumers while they are socially networking through Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger.

Social media advertising delivers tremendous value for brands by promoting your message to targeted consumers within their digital communities. 71% of American adults actively spend time scrolling Facebook or Instagram daily, often discovering new products through recommendations and ads relevant to their interests. This receptive environment surrounded by friends and influencers provides the ideal context for showcasing your brand.

Flexible campaign settings allow promoting content, driving web traffic, generating leads or calls, and more based on your goals. Our experts help construct social strategies maximizing ROI by reaching the right users at the right moment amidst their communities. Combined with the ability to scale campaigns efficiently, social media advertising enables always-on brand building complementary to traditional channels but with added precision.

Let us simplify your next social initiative to drive meaningful results.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


Direct prospects with high purchase intent to your website when the timing is right through strategic Google Search advertising.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) drives qualified leads to your website when potential customers are actively searching for your products or services. Our team of experts handles the complexity of keyword research and ongoing campaign optimization so you don't have to.

We craft customized Google search ad campaigns that target motivated searchers, serve your ads in the most visible positions, and maximize ROI through geographic, keyword, and cost-per-click optimization strategies unique to your business. The true value of SEM is rapidly delivering more leads during critical points of their buying journey. Over 90% of SEM advertisers renew their campaigns due to the instant lead generation achieved through this targeted approach. With our team optimizing based on performance data, you can have confidence that your budget is being strategically managed for results.

Let us put our expertise to work building and managing a winning SEM campaign so you can focus on your business.



Capture the attention of a streaming audience on any device - and for a great price

Connected TV (CTV) and Over-The-Top (OTT) advertising allow you to effectively engage streaming audiences with video ads using our proprietary software and optimization strategies. The true value we provide is reaching highly targeted viewers based on geography, demographics, and real-time viewing behaviors as they stream premium content.

Our technology ensures your non-skippable ads appear on networks like ESPN and HGTV, where over 83% of US adults spend significant viewing time. We maximize video completion rates through optimized delivery based on historical performance data. You receive real business impact with the ability to track website visits directly resulting from your CTV and OTT campaigns.

Our team leverages these performance insights to refine targeting and placement for improved results over time. With turnkey access to streaming audiences through our proprietary software and optimization expertise, you can elevate engagement and brand exposure without needing to understand the complexities behind it.

Let our advanced capabilities work for you behind the scenes while you focus on your clients and products.



Strategically place targeted, high-impact video ads in front of your ideal audience when and where buyer intent is highest to drive relevant engagement and conversions.

Pre-roll video advertising provides businesses with an affordable way to reach relevant audiences through targeted non-skippable video ads online. Our pre-roll video plays across the internet before video content on websites and apps. This expanded reach and efficient targeting make pre-roll video significantly more budget-friendly, especially for small businesses.

You still capture the viewer's attention with motion and sound thanks to non-skippable placement. We optimize for completion rates so your video is seen. Combined with geographic, demographic, interest, and keyword targeting, pre-roll video uniquely aligns your brand with content matching your ideal viewer at key decision points.

Let us make the pre-roll video work for your budget. An impactful brand video can educate cold traffic or remarket to past site visitors without breaking the bank or needing to understand complex placement logistics.

Our platform makes it easy to launch visible video campaigns that raise awareness and prompt site traffic across the internet’s widest video inventory.



Capture qualified leads when they're most receptive by serving targeted video ads to predefined audiences on YouTube.

YouTube advertising offers tremendous value by delivering interested viewers who actively choose to watch your video ad. The platform's pay-for-performance TrueView model only charges when users view past the 5-second intro, optimizing the budget for completed views.

This filters out passive eyeballs to target those demonstrating an intent to consume video content - building your brand around quality impressions. With over 72% of American adults visiting YouTube monthly, these view-throughs originate on the internet's #1 video destination. Plus TrueView placements extend to connected televisions, capturing cord-cutters on the big screen as adoption of Google-connected smart TVs expands. In essence, you only fund views from receptive audiences inclined to watch the entirety of what you’ve created.

Let our experts help construct an optimized YouTube strategy maximizing views, completions, and conversions from those leaning into the key brand-building and direct response strengths of online video.

Custom Design


Elevate Your Brand’s Look with High-Impact Graphic Design.

Make an impression through cohesive visuals that captivate attention for your business. Our talented design team creates affordable logos, flyers, packaging, signage, and beyond, to reinforce your unique identity with consistent quality and style.

Great graphic design is a proven sales driver - over 30% of buying decisions can be attributed to effective aesthetics that instill confidence and compel engagement with a brand. However, achieving design excellence requires skills most growing companies lack.

Rather than settling for homemade, disjointed, or dated visual assets, rely on our creative experts to inject differentiated design into all aspects of your brand presentation. We handle logo ideation and evolution, print materials like business cards and sales sheets, product packaging for retail readiness, large-format signage and displays, and more.

With tailored graphical assets managed by specialists, you can make your company shine brightly and prominently through high visual impact.


Join our growing network of 
2,500+ nationwide venues! 

When you become a part of our network, you become a part of a thriving community of restaurants, bars, arenas, and venues all across the United States.



Become a venue partner and we will professionally install all of the necessary equipment for your indoor digital billboard

Receive a collection of eye catching full-motion, and still advertisements specifically designed for your business that will display on your indoor billboard.

Use your indoor billboard to promote Happy Hour, Special Events, Daily Specials, High ticket price items, Charities and fundraisers



Not only do we allow you to talk to your customers on the inside of your establishment, but you will reach people on the outside too! Venue partners also receive thousands of ad plays across our growing network of indoor billboards in neighboring business!

Legal Expertise and Strategy Combined

Affiliate Spotlight – D’Alessio Law Group

In the heart of Beverly Hills, D’Alessio Law Group stands tall as a distinguished boutique law firm specializing in immigration and corporate law. At the helm is the illustrious Lorraine D’Alessio, a multi-award-winning legal luminary and the firm’s esteemed founder and CEO. With an impeccable track record, Lorraine has earned numerous accolades for her outstanding contributions to the legal field and unwavering commitment to service.
Through mutual business relationships cultivated over several years, D’Alessio Law Group forged a powerful alliance with GP Whitney & Associates, LLC, partnering on various projects in the U.S. and abroad. The collaborative efforts between these two entities have been particularly impactful in the realms of marketing and business development, seamlessly blending their respective expertise to support shared clients. Together, they’ve embarked on business expansion initiatives, new ventures, photo and video shoots tailored for digital and social media campaigns, and more.
Lorraine’s reputation precedes her, and her firm reflects the same level of excellence and dedication. D’Alessio Law Group is your go-to destination for navigating the complexities of immigration and corporate legal matters. The affiliation between D’Alessio Law Group and GP Whitney is a testament to the potential unleashed when legal expertise and strategic collaboration converge.

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