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Message from the CEO

We are pleased that you have decided to visit GP Whitney & Associates LLC’s website. Whether you are an existing client, a prospective client, or simply an information seeker, we want your experience here to be enriching.

I’m Pete Modeste, the company’s founder and CEO. With a background in corporate and entrepreneurial environments spanning over two decades, I’ve had the privilege of contributing to the success of small/medium-sized companies and Wall Street giants alike. Whether serving in an operational capacity as an executive, or in an advisory role as a Board member, I’m proud to have played an integral part in helping these companies reach their organizational goals over the years.


At GP Whitney, we elected to focus our services on the small to medium-sized business sectors primarily for two reasons. First, our nation’s economic vitality, in large part, depends on the growth of these companies. Second, business owners in this group, many of whom are already overburdened, overextended, and overwhelmed, are the ones who can benefit most from outside assistance.

Many otherwise excellent smaller companies with strong potential have experienced severe challenges in both domestic and international markets, primarily due to the lack of sufficient competent advice and implementation strategies. We’re confident the unique blend of our in-depth understanding of entrepreneurial realities, coupled with our knowledge of the structure, discipline, and best practices commonly seen in larger firms will help our clients achieve higher performance and bring positive change to their organizations.

We hope you come away with an understanding and appreciation for the kind of firm we are and the values we share as we work toward earning the right to have a deeper relationship with you. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Pete Modeste, MBA


GP Whitney & Associates LLC

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