Management Consulting

Business Planning

Whether you’re looking for a bank loan, investment, or Visa approval, our team of experts specializes in creating comprehensive, cost effective and professionally written business plans tailored to meet your specific needs.

Here’s what makes us different. We’re business consultants. Not just business plan writers.

We offer a two-to-three-week turnaround with unlimited revisions for up to three months after delivery.

Our Process
  1. Initial Consultation: A consultant experienced in your industry conducts a kickoff call to gather necessary information and learn about your objectives.
  2. Research: Our team of writers, designers, financial analysts, and market researchers diligently work on crafting your plan.
  3. Financial Projections: We project numbers in your business using a proprietary investor grade financial model and reasonable assumptions for your industry. These projections give insight into your business operations and performance to allow for informed decision making.
  4. Collaborate: We engage in collaborative efforts with you until the final work product is completed, providing advice and guidance on subsequent steps.

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Each Business is Meticulously Researched

Each business is meticulously researched, and depending on the needs of the specific business, may include key elements such as:

  • Executive Summary
  • Industry Research & Market Analysis
  • HR and Operations Plan
  • Growth Strategy
  • Economic Impact Study
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Marketing Plan
  • Three to Five-Year Financial Projections (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement)

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Due Diligence

Due diligence involves the comprehensive collection and analysis of pertinent information regarding a business, encompassing its operations, financials, legal facets, and other pivotal factors. The primary objective is to evaluate the risks, opportunities, and overall feasibility of a business before undertaking substantial transactions or investments.

Our Due Diligence Process

Our due diligence process is specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses to improve the odds of a deal’s success. Our data-driven approach focuses on the most critical elements of transactions that due diligence to the next level, including:

  • Identifying and measuring deal-specific risks and opportunities
  • Evaluating the reasonableness of historical and projected earnings and cash flows
  • Examination of asset quality for potential over/undervaluation
  • Forensic testing to uncover hidden costs, commitments, and contingencies
  • Identifying and quantifying tax exposures;
  • Identifying and quantifying liabilities that can be deal breakers
  • Highlighting issues likely to impact the valuation and purchase price or contract terms and conditions

A Robust and Credible Independent Third-Party Report

Whether disposing of or acquiring a business, we work closely with company management and your advisers to provide stakeholders with a high-quality, independent, and focused due diligence report.

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Financial Management

GP Whitney & Associates, LLC offers a wide range of specialized services to meet the evolving requirements and responsibilities today’s finance executives must undertake. The depth and breadth of our services as well as our position as thought leaders in the marketplace, allow us to understand and solve the key issues faced by companies in performing a variety of finance functions.

  • Chart of Accounts Clean-up and Design
  • Working Capital, Liquidity, Cash and Financial Risk Management
  • Cost and Profitability Management
  • IPO Readiness and Support
  • Management and Financial Reporting Design
  • Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting Design
  • Balanced Score Card and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Design
  • Financial Consolidation, Performance Management, and Management Reporting Solutions
  • Pitch Deck Service

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Nonprofit Consulting

Our nonprofit specialists bring extensive knowledge, hands-on experience, and resources to help your organization operate efficiently, stay compliant, and affect social change.


Key aspects that out nonprofit specialists often focus on are:

  • Fundraising Strategies: We provide guidance in developing effective fundraising strategies vital to organizational sustainability, which includes identifying potential funding sources, and creating compelling proposals.
  • Legal Compliance: Ensuring that the organization adheres to relevant laws and regulations is essential. Nonprofit specialists can help with issues such as tax-exempt status, governance, and compliance with reporting requirements.
  • Financial Management: Managing finances is critical for the sustainability of any nonprofit. Specialists can assist with budgeting, financial reporting, grant management, and fundraising strategies to ensure the organization’s financial health.
  • Strategic Planning: Developing a clear and effective strategy is crucial for achieving long-term goals. Nonprofit specialists can help organizations define their mission, set objectives, and create actionable plans to achieve their mission and vision.
  • Program Development and Evaluation: Nonprofits often implement programs to address specific social issues. Specialists can assist in designing, implementing, and evaluating programs to ensure they are impactful and aligned with the organization’s mission.
  • Capacity Building: Building the capacity of an organization involves strengthening its internal systems, processes, and human resources. Our specialists can provide guidance on organizational development, leadership training, and team building.
  • Partnerships and Collaboration: Nonprofits often benefit from forming partnerships with other organizations, government agencies, and businesses within the communities they serve. Our specialists can facilitate collaborations that enhance the organization’s reach and impact.
  • Technology and Innovation: Staying current with technological advancements and innovative solutions can help nonprofits operate more effectively. Specialists may provide guidance on adopting new technologies and leveraging them to enhance your organization’s impact.

Our team brings both knowledge and hands-on experience to help your organization thrive and create positive social change. If you have specific questions or need assistance in any area, feel free to ask!

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Bookkeeping Services

Accurate and efficient bookkeeping is the backbone of every successful business. At GP Whitney & Associates, we understand the importance of maintaining organized financial records and staying on top of your company’s financial health. When you outsource your bookkeeping and accounting functions to us, we manage, streamline, and improve vital day-to-day activities, allowing you extra time to focus on more important strategic work.

Our Bookkeeping Services Include:

Our Bookkeeping Services Include:

  • General Ledger Maintenance: We maintain a well-organized general ledger that accurately records all your financial transactions, including sales, expenses, assets, and liabilities.
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable: We manage your accounts payable and accounts receivable processes, ensuring that bills are paid on time and outstanding invoices are collected promptly.
  • Bank Reconciliation: We reconcile your bank statements with your financial records to identify any discrepancies and ensure the accuracy of your accounts.
  • Financial Reporting: We generate detailed financial reports, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements, to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your company’s financial position.
  • Expense Tracking: We track and categorize your business expenses, helping you identify cost-saving opportunities and optimize your spending.
  • Tax Preparation Support: We assist in gathering the necessary financial information and preparing accurate records to support your tax filings.

Contact us today to learn more about how our bookkeeping services can benefit your business. Let us handle your financial record keeping while you focus on what you do best – running and growing your business.

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Venture Start-up & Development

With so many unknown factors to consider across all functional areas, almost every start-up entrepreneur and emerging company must manage a range of complex tasks in its early stage. However, professional advice can provide deeper industry and market insights to save time, reduce costs, and significantly improve a new venture’s chances of success.

GP Whitney & Associates, LLC help start-up ventures and their investors accelerate growth with data-driven consulting, capability building, and connections to reach the future faster with less risks.

Key Areas of Focus:
  • Market Research: Market research is one of the ground-setting parts of every startup, as it is the foundation for all sorts of strategic planning. We analyze your market segment, research industry trends, competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and the target audience’s needs and expectations. After the analysis, we help your sales and marketing teams formulate informed and effective strategies.
  • Strategy and Planning: Through analysis, statistics, and strategy, we offer an independent third-party perspective on the venture’s capabilities, assessing critical aspects to help identify loopholes, manage resources, and solve specific challenges.
  • Legal Business Formation: Clients must form a legal structure for their business. We advise on options such as sole proprietor, corporation, LLC, and others, as well as the relative advantages and disadvantages.
  • Operational Roadmap: Our experts help with developing a detailed roadmap with clear objectives. This includes finance and accounting infrastructure, banking, training, and process management. We also help establish good management-related governance frameworks such as company procedures encompassing the process by which client companies are directed, controlled, and held to account.
  • Coaching and Mentoring: Many startups struggle with hiring skilled workers in the beginning. That’s when a startup consultant helps your business out. Our experts at GP Whitney & Associates, LLC serve as coaches and mentors for client employees and educate them through all significant processes.

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